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Soaking in sweet solitude,
calm and cleansing, a prelude
to my nightly ritual;
cheers to the perpetual
song of human existence,
humming on with persistence
growing louder by the year,
sometimes muted by the fear
of black cloaks and silver scythes
even atheists pay tithes
with the currency of doubt,
a debt no soul lives without.

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poppyreads-deactivated20140724 asked hi! i absolutely love your blog. i'm starting up this blog to put up book reviews and discussions of books each week. i'll also be giving out some writing tips from time to time. if you're interested, please feel free to follow me! if not, please ignore this message. thanks! - poppy :)

thank you, & sounds like a good idea for a blog. followed x

the mortuary.

Beyond earth’s edge
lies a barren land,
where the stars burn pitch-black
& the sky is ghost-white;
water stands where grass might be.

Wasted minutes & forgotten moments
piled like corpses in a field of war.

The resting place of time unspent,
where memories go to die.

The stench of death
omnipresent in the air,
the smell of decomposing
seconds & hours-
those that were squandered
trying to find the right words
in a mind full of the wrong ones.

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Anonymous asked where do you see yourself in three years? I know this is super fucking random, but from what I see on your blog you're a thinker and I'm curious.

in three years, I will be 27 (holy fuck). I see myself as a published writer, alt model and, who knows, maybe I will end up getting back into professional pastry work. wherever the universe takes me I am willing to go, as long as it involves love, sex (with my lady), and creation… and good food.