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it blows my mind that online public school is now an option. back in my day, there was no alternative to crippling anxiety and social chaos. you had to wake up ass early, pick an outfit you (hopefully) wouldn’t get teased for, and brave yourself for whatever harassment came your way. but way to go, schoolchildren of 2014, may you forever be sheltered little pussies and never thrown into the pile of shit that is the “real world”

another note-to-self.

Please, understand
That nothing is demanded
Of you, except to spare
Knives from skin and
To love your own galaxies.

Become familiar with
The stars that fill your lips
And the gravity that pulls
Your hips from side to side,
And less familiar with fear.

You, my dear, are a daughter
Of time and space and there
Is no reason that a place
Such as this should
Ever hinder your existence.

When there is nothing else
To do but to cry, remember:
You are the entire sky,
The ocean and the sand,
With magic in your own hands.

(Source: mindofmedeusa)

If summer heat brings lust,
How can frail beings trust
The truth of December?
How do we remember
To separate our needs
From wild mischievous deeds
Or keep wanton desire
From catching on fire?
In stray moments ablaze,
It is hard to erase
Erratic thought and want.
Haphazardly we taunt
The animals inside
With the impulse we hide.
And our only reward?
To end up a lone ward
In care of asylum,
The prize of our phylum.

(Source: mindofmedeusa)

Thunder breaks the silence
that it took me two hours
to grow accustomed to,
and I couldn’t be happier.

I prefer overhearing
conversations between
rain drops and rooftops
to human voices any day.

Some call my behavior
“antisocial,” I’d rather label it
as x-ray vision; it’s easy
to stare through blank auras.